Huntleigh Contoura 880 – 3-Way Profiling Electric Hospital Bed
Refurbished BED


Rs. 1,10,000

Features include:

* Tilts both ways.

* 1 hand control.

* Highest Position 32” (80cm)/ Lowest Position 15.5” (39cm). Approx

* Measurements: Width 36” (92cm) x Length 80” (203cm). Approx

* SWL 180 Kgs (28 Stone)

Although the bed is very heavy, it can be turned on its side and wheeled through a standard 2’6” door access. Not recommended for carrying upstairs due to weight constraints and restricted manoeuvrability in smaller areas.

A standard type mattress will not fit the bed due to its size, (81”x36”) and we can offer other types including New Low Risk waterproof hospital mattresses or Pre-owned but cleaned & sterilized. Call for prices and availability, or see our Mattress Page for other types.

L – 80″ x W – 36″ x H – Lowest – 15.5″, Highest 32″