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Transport Your Patient Safely with Patient Stretcher Trolley

When a patient is too ill or injured to be transported to a hospital, first responders must get them there quickly. A hospital stretcher is one of the most mandatory tools in an ambulance, keeping the patient stable and safe until they reach the emergency room. However, we offer a variety of emergency patient trolleys, it can be difficult to determine which features are required for your vehicle. With that in mind, we are breaking down the features to consider when making a decision. 

Our hospital stretchers are standard equipment for patient transport. They are designed for a variety of purposes and ultimately must provide patient safety and comfort. They should also be easy to maneuver and as durable as possible. Our patient transport trolley may vary depending on the intended use of the stretcher. Usually includes side rails, wrap around bumpers, oxygen bottle holders, tool rack, locking casters, and brakes.

Why do Many Hospitals Prefer to Buy Our Emergency Patient Trolley?

Our Modern wheeled stretchers are much more than a steel frame and mattress. Our various emergency patient trolleys are designed to meet the unique needs of the patient’s conditions. For emergencies, our folding stretcher with wheels is designed for functionality and easy handling. In addition, emergency departments often use the same patient-shifting trolley, so staff is instantly familiar with and free to use their reflexes. With personalized patient positioning and a fifth wheel for steering assistance, they are the central point of contact for every hospital. For bariatric patients, we offer wider hospital stretchers with wheels with thicker components to increase weight capacity and high density foam to ensure comfort.

In cases where patients have sustained serious injuries, Our emergency patient trolley allows the physician 360-degree access with a full-view design and surface accessibility for cassette placement. We offer specialized hospital stretchers for longer stays, gynecology, confined space clinics, and bariatric cadavers at reasonable rates as compared to our competitors such as Stryker 6083 MX-PRO Bariatric Transport Cot – MFI Medical – MFI Medical

What does a Patient Stretcher Look like in a Hospital?

We offer emergency patient trolleys for hospital patients consisting of metal wheels that can be moved back and forth. Our patient transfer trolley consists of different frames, wheels, and frames. They are used by emergency services as well as rescue workers and military services. Our wheeled stretchers are used in ambulances and consist of wheels that help the stretchers move on sidewalks. This is part of a safety belt that is used to restrain patients while driving. Our modern hospital stretcher with wheels consists of a battery-powered hydraulic system that helps automatically raise and fold all legs. Our patient transport trolleys are highly customizable and come in a variety of. The main types are pallet stretchers, stretchers, emergency stretchers, basket stretchers, and many more. Our stretchers feature a rotating spring locking mechanism and a hinged lid for patient safety.

Different types of stretchers that we Offer

We have different types of wheeled stretchers with different characteristics. Specialty bariatric tables are available with a wider frame and higher load capacity for heavier patients. Our Standard stretchers can be adjusted in several ways. Our hospital stretchers can be lowered and raised to change patients. Our hospital stretcher with wheels can be adjusted to a sitting position for patients, especially the elderly and those with respiratory problems. 

Our patient beds in hospitals are usually covered with disposable sheets and wrap that are cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of infection. However, we offer reasonable hospital stretcher rates in Pakistan which are accompanied by shelves, hooks, and posts for medical equipment and IV drugs.

Which Sort of Material do We Use for Making our Emergency Patient Trolley?

We know that basic type simple stretchers are very light and portable. We manufacture both canvas and synthetic materials, suspended between two poles or an aluminum frame. Our folding stretcher is similar to a plain stretcher but allows the stretcher to be folded into a compact shape for easier transport. Scoop stretchers are used to transport patients from the floor to the ambulance or bed, and the two ends can be separated. 

Our hospital’s stretcher includes desired features, no stretcher would be complete without a few key accessories. Our customers will find lift handles, push/pull handles, oxygen cylinder holders, IV poles, supplemental patient harnesses, restraint systems, storage options, and device holders In our wheeled stretchers. By equipping the stretcher with these hand tools, Our responders feel more prepared to handle any emergency and carry vital equipment with them.

Browse our website link for a wide selection of unique hospital stretchers and compatible accessories. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions on how to find the hospital’s stretchers with different qualities that suit your needs.