ECG Machine Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel
TMS 00110
Overview for Edan SE-1200 Express Basic 12-Channel ECG Machine
Edan SE-1200 Series ECG Machine provides an advanced performance and high reliability. This 12-channel electrocardiograph is a low weight, portable unit with a built-in high resolution thermal printer suitable for the use on adult and pediatric patients. It will fit both clinic and hospital settings, providing a number of flexible transportation, mounting and storage solutions.

Excellent Features: Edan SE-1200 Series ECG Machine is equipped with a full alphanumeric keyboard featuring excellent functional one-touch operation keys. It features a 8.4″ LCD display with two screen type options. The unit also supports bar code scanner for the enhanced streamline workflow. The unit weight is 11.0 lbs.

Standard Features
12-lead ECG
Built-in thermal printer

Available Options
Screen type
Internal memory capacity
Battery capacity

SE-1200 Series ECG Machine facilitates 12-lead ECG measuring for the acquisition of ECG parameters and electrocardiograms.
It features a simultaneous acquisition mode, 1000 Hz sampling frequency and 4 functional filters.

Printer and Printing ECG Reports
A build-in high resolutions thermal printer allows the use of both roll and Z-fold printing paper.
The machine is assembled with an automatic baseline adjustment for optimal printing and supports external printer,
allowing ECG report printing on A4 size fax paper and US letter-size paper. The ECG report printing can be conducted in four modes: auto, manual,
rhythm and R-R analysis modes. In Auto mode the lead groups are switched automatically; in Manual mode you are to determine the lead group to be printed;
in Rhythm mode the machine prints 60s rhythm-lead ECG waveforms of one lead or 20s rhythm-lead ECG waveform of three leads;
in R-R analysis mode you can print R-R histogram and trend chart, 180s compressed ECG waveform and all the R-R interval values of any lead.

Accurate Clinical Performances
Edan SE-1200 Series ECG Machine employs all the most recent technologies to provide excellent and stable performance.
Weak signal detection function and anti-noise technology significantly reduce end effects and enhance resistance against low signal-to-noise ratio.
Automatic measurement and interpretation function provide clinically accurate results. To assist and extend your diagnosis capabilities,
SE-1200 Series electrocardiograph enables 120s real-time ECG waveforms freezing and review. An excellent extended printing function once arrhythmia is detected will help to exert a further rhythm analysis.

Data Management and Connectivity
The built-in data management with reports review function allows automatic or real-time data transmitting to PC via LAN or WiFi in DAT, SCP, FDA-XML and PDF formats.
SE-1200 Series ECG Machine is assembled with USB, RS232 and Ethernet ports.