Laryngoscope Miller

Available Sets with Battery Handle

Set of 0,1,2 (Pediatric Set)
Supplied in Blue plastic case

Set of 1,2,3 (Standard Set)
Supplied in Blue plastic case

Set of 1.2.3,4 (Adult Set)
Supplied in Blue plastic case

Mc-Intosh Laryngoscope
Plastic case, Standard illumination. Manufactured from AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
All blades and handles are interchangeable with other leading manufacturer.
All sets can be combined as per your request, and delivered in Blue plastic case.

Blades Availability:

  • Matt Finish
  • Mirror Finish
  • Sand Blast Finish
  • Pis, confirm in your order list

With two Spare Bulbs

Laryngoscope Battery Handle for Adult C type 2 batteries

Laryngoscope Set Set of conventional Miller
Standard Illumination Manufactured From Stainless Steel Material