2.5 V Standard illumination for use with 2 batteries type AA.
Universal Handle thread type fit for all Pentoscope Heads like.
• Otoscope Head.
• Ophthalmoscope Head.
• Throat Branch Head.
• Mouth Mirrors Head.
It have two exploring mirrors No. 4 & 5 mm.
Its spare 06 disposable Plastic ear Canulas are with sizes 2 x 2.50 mm, 2 x 3.50 mm & 2 x 4.5 mm.
On special order it can be as 2 x 1.5 mm for new born babies 2 x 2.5 mm
for pediatric and 2 x 4 mm for adults, so it means
total 06 canula also available in a plastic tube packing.
2 spare 2.5 V bulb.
Pentoscope set battery handle is operating with two AA size batteries.
This Pentoxcope set Packed in our new beautiful
Blue Colour plastic case in same blue inner packing material.
Spare parts also available of any item.