2.5 V Standard illumination for use with batteries type C.
Otoscope Head:
Luir Lock fitting.
Chrome plated.
Fix lens 4 x in plastic mount can be removed for introduction of instruments.
Specula sizes:
2.5, 3.5 & 4.5 mm Included,
Ophthalmoscope head:
pin contact fitting.
Lens selection wheel permits choice of corrective krises from 0 to – 20 and 0 to +20 diopters.
Single large circle operture.
Bent-arm illuminator:
Luir Lock fitting.
Nasal speculum:
Chrome plated.
Two laryngeal mirrors:
n. 4 and 5.
Battery handle:
28mm. For 2 cell C-batteries.
Chrome plated.
For adjustment of all illumination.
Replacement bulb:
2.5 V The Diagnostic set is supplied in new beautiful ‘ook and quality Blue Case, which protect our quality products from moisturizing and damaging.