Technical Datas:
Intercondylar distance                                               120 mm.
condylar inclination                                                fixed at 30o
Bennet Angle                                                           fixed at 7o
Incisal table inclination                                                       10o
Distance between mounting plates                               85 mm.
Weight                                                                            400 gr.
Opening (Item 5000)                                                         125o
Opening (Item 5010)                                                         180o

Lightweight anathomic articulator made of aluminum die-casting
it can be used following the geomaetrical laws of medium values(Bonwil triangle).
Fixing according to centric.
Automatic return to the hinge axis with springs. Perfect stability also in reversed position.Easy access and visibility to the lingual surfaces. Interchangeable self lingual surfaces. Interchangeable self centring aluminum mounting plates.