Oxygen Concentrator and Bipip

  • Philips Everflo Q Oxygen Concentrator Bundle 5 Lpm TMS 0090Product Description The ultra quiet EverFlo Q includes all of the great features of the original EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator in a quieter model. At just 43 decibels typical EverFlo Q is one of the quietest concentrators on the market. Its small form factor, advanced motor, low power usage, and lightweight, durable construction make it easy, convenient, and very popular! POWER SAVING & TROUBLE FREE Ever Flo Q is designed from the ground up to deliver consistent trouble-free performance and reduce overall oxygen therapy costs. Its advanced motor provides 5 LPM of Continuous Flow Oxygen, while using less electricity and producing less heat, than most other stationary oxygen concentrators; so EverFlo Q costs less to run saving you money every day. CONVENIENT DESIGN & QUALITY CONSTRUCTION A recessed flow meter and metal cannula connector mean EverFlo Q is less prone to accidental breakage; while a convenient internal storage cabinet lets you store away extra tubing. EverFlo Q's easy-to-use humidifier bottle holder (bubble humidifier not included), with velcro holding strap, is compatible with all standard bubble humidifiers. And it provides a trouble free connection for the humidifier and oxygen tubing at the top of the unit where it's most convenient. AT HOME IN THE HOME Using oxygen therapy has traditionally been restrictive, requiring frequent bottle changes or heavy, noisy concentrators; but with the EverFlo Q you can finally be free of power hungry concentrators or inconvenient bottles. One of the biggest factors that separate the EverFlow from its competition is size. At just 31 pounds EverFlo Q is small, light and inconspicuous so it fits easily into the home without disturbing daily life, and it's easy to transport wherever it's needed. SIMPLE TO USE & EASY TO MAINTAIN EverFlo Q's inteface panel has a simple on/off switch and rotating Flow Meter Knob for easy control without confusing extras. Three indicator lights (green, yellow, red) and audible alarms help ensure your concentrator is working properly. As an extra safety precaution, choose the optional OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator). With OPI a light on the front of the unit will turn orange and sound an alarm if oxygen levels ever deviate from acceptable purity levelsPHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Size (Approx) 23 x 15 x 9.5 Inches Weight (Approx) 31 Lbs PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Continuous Flow Settings .5 to 5 LPM Oxygen Concentration 93% (+/- 3%) at 5 LPM Sound Levels â?¤ 43 dBa Operating Altitude Up to 7,500 Feet Tubing & Cannula Length Not Specified (Maximum) Humidification Compatible with Standard Bubble Humidifier Bottles Filters External:Air Inlet Filter (Replace on average every 2-Years) Internal: Micro Disk Filter (Replace on average every 5-Years) Alarms Proper Operation, System Malfunction, No Power, Impeded Oxygen Flow, High Oxygen Flow, (Optional) Oxygen Percentage Indicator with Alarms at 82% and 70% Purity. POWER SPECIFICATIONS AC (Wall) Power 120 VAC (Ã?±10%), 60 Hz Power Consumption 350 Watts Average DC (Mobile) Power Not Available Battery Power Not Available
  • Oxygen Concentrator OLV-5MODEL TMS 0091Description Oxygen Concentrator OLV-5Quick Details Brand Name: OOLIVE Model Number: OLV-5L(NO2) Instrument classification: Class II Item: OLV8 oxygen concentrator type: stationary oxygen concentrator Flow Range (lpm):: 1-10 lpm Maximun Flow :: 10 lpm Purity:: Purity:90%±3% Output Pressure:: 80 ± 8 kPa Weight:: 19.6kg Dimension(mm):: 355 (L) x290 (W) x 560 (H) Noise Level: < 50db(A) Power Consumption:: 570W(AVER) Type: Medical Gas Equipments
  • Oxygen Concentrator USA DeVilbiss Healthcare MODEL TMS 0092DeVilbiss 5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator Designed to be 15% less noisy than other home units, the new and improved DeVilbiss 5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator is a durable and efficient choice for oxygen patients!This unit weighs 36 pounds and was recently updated in order to elevate its performance and durability above other big-name options on the market. Each unit comes standard with exclusive DeVilbiss OSD® (Oxygen Sensing Device), which is included specifically for dependability and patient safety.This machine has also been tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended periods of time, meaning you can count on your device to work properly no matter what climate you’re in!As mentioned above, the DeVilbiss has a 15% average sound quality improvement over other brands that are currently available. The two-piece cabinet design allows for the improved quality and an enhanced cooling process; it offers the perfect balance of cool and quiet.The average life for the DeVilbiss 5 Liter compressor is between 20,000 and 30,000 hours, so when you purchase this concentrator, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen a machine that has been proven to last.Patented DeVilbiss Turn-Down Technology This incredible feature allows the machine to automatically turn down its flow cycle when below 2-1/2 LMP, which results in a 35% system pressure reduction. This minimizes stress on the compressor bearings and internal fittings to increase the longevity of your machine.Additionally, this unit’s energy-efficient design allows you to save an average of $100 per year on your electric bill! The Turn-Down technology reduces power consumption by 15% or more compared with other competing concentrators, therefore decreasing wear and tear on the machine to extend its life.
  • Philips Respironics BiPAP Auto SV Advanced-System OneMODEL TMS 0093 Features Automatically determines IPAP and EPAP pressures needed throughout each night. Maintains optimal comfort for the patient without decreasing effectiveness or safety. Digital Auto-Trak System with built-in leak detection ensures a breath-by-breath response to a patient’s breathing patterns. BiPAP Auto SV Advanced machine reacts directly to periods of waning and waxing respiration by providing the appropriate level of therapy depending on the patient’s respiration patterns. Designed especially for patients with certain diseases or disorders, such as: Congestive Heart Failure patients, or those with Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Wider available pressure settings as well as more options to give the patient optimum control of their therapy. The Respironics BiPAP Auto SV Advanced Machine with heated humidifier is specifically designed to be the best choice for managing complicated sleep-disordered breathing patients. It combines a number of technologies to recognize and react to changing pressure needs, and it's clinically proven to treat obstructive, central and complex apneas and hypopneas, as well as periodic breathing, such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration.Operational Mode: BiPAP, Bilevel Range of Pressure: EPAP 4-25 cm H2O IPAP 4-25cm H2O Time of Ramp to Pressure: 0 - 45 min, with 5-minute increments Ramp Beginning Pressure: 4 to EPAPmin; patient adjustable CPAP Measurment: 7 x 5.5 x 4 in. (18 x 14 x 10 cm) CPAP Total Weight without humidifier: 3 lbs; 1.36 kg Electrical Requirement: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 12 V DC, 6.67 A Filter Type: Reusable (foam) and disposable (pollen) filters Exhalation Relief: BiFlex Flex Pressure Relief: 0, 1-3 Screen Type: LCD with control wheel and push button Provided Data Card: Yes
  • C PIPE UNIT Model NO.TMS 0094 Warranty 2 Years Mode CPAP, Auto, Bipap, S, T, St Application Hospital or Home Power AC 100-240V~ 2.1A, 50-60Hz Color Grey Size 28*14*9.5cm Screen 2.8 Inch TFT, 320 X 240 Trademark VentMed Transport Package Inner Colorful and Outer Stand Carton Origin China