Hospital Bed

Get Our Comfortable Hospital Bed For Easier Repositioning for Your Loved Ones

Patients are always treated with the utmost respect. Its proved that careful treatment always improves the health of your loved ones. For quick recovery, your hospital bed must be comfortable whether it is required for general suffering, hospice care, or recovery after an intense surgery. 

We offer comfortable hospital bed and contours beds that patients and caregivers can easily manage without any agony. Top Medics Surgical Solutions offers a custom range of hospital bed prices in Pakistan that are manufactured in an easy way for transferring weak and unconscious patients from a stretcher to a Patient bed. 

Although those people who are healthy but suffering from back pain and joint pains for a long period demand our automatic hospital bed in Pakistan for their home use as well as hospital. 

What else can we expect from sick people who have no choice but to remain still in their beds? Fortunately, we design electric patient bed to improve the quality of ill patients’ life despite the limitations they experience from their sickness. Our automatic Patient bed are a perfect example of such medical equipment.

What Sort of Medical Bed Do We Offer To Our Clients?

We offer an ideal medical bed that is portable and therefore easy to move. We also design it to reduce the risk of patient injuries. Our hospital bed in Pakistan can be adjusted to elevate a patient’s head or feet are also much preferable. We also consider types of mattresses that cover our electrical hospital bed in Pakistan that we offer at reasonable prices. If possible, you can test our patient’s bed before placing an order by yourself to see whether it is suitable for the patient or not. 

We would not give them much trouble. And we also offer discounts on hospital bed price in Pakistan that can be especially useful for customers and businesses that need to buy bed in bulk. We offer good quality patient bed in Pakistan as the quality meets our customer’s requirements.  We know that when any customer is looking for an automatic hospital bed to shop for their hospital use or for personal use they must want to know about its features. 

Here are the details of features of our Hospital Bed in Pakistan that we offer to our potential clients nation wide. Let’s have a look. 

  • Patient Bed with Moveable Wheels:

When our customers visit our company they check whether we offer moveable wheels hospital bed in Pakistan or not. Hospital bed near me have wheels for easy movement from one place to the other. For the safety of patients, we offer patient bed. Which are make lockable so that caregivers or patients can easily lock or unlock them when they are needed. 

  • Side Rails for Patient Protection:

Side guards are very important for patients as they protect them from falls and reduce the risk of injury. Especially for patients with disabilities or paralysis. We offer medical bed with side rails for emergency clinics that are designed to prevent patients from falling out of patient bed. They can also help when patients have to get up and down the hospital bed. 

  • Patient Bed Alarms:

Our electric patient bed have alarms that are very useful for notifying nurses or caregivers of patients. These alarms beep when a patient tries to get out of his/her hospital bed. In such a case, after a beeping alarm. A nurse or caretaker can easily manage their patients and help them walk without falling. 

  • ICU Patient Bed:

We offer custom ICU bed prices in Pakistan that are designed for the most seriously ill patients. These are use for intensive care units (ICU), mostly known as intensive therapy units (ITUs) and critical care units (CCUs). 

  • Fully Electric or Semi Electric Medical Bed:

Some of our customers demand automatic hospital bed (Electric patient bed) and some demand semi-electric medical bed. We offer both beds at custom price in Pakistan. In our electric hospital bed, only the electric motor controls the foot, head, and height adjustment of a patient by pushing a button. 

You could not use any manual force for managing these beds. Hospital clients require electric bed for their patients due to their leg adjustment, back adjustment, height adjustment, and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg. 

On the other hand, our semi-electric hospital bed have the same functions as an electric bed. But you can also operate them manually. Generally, electric motors are use for the adjustment of the head or foot rather than the adjustment of patients’ height. 

Why Do You Need To Choose Us?

We are one of the most reliable companies in Pakistan for supplying hospital bed at reasonable prices to our customers. Our main focus is to provide patient bed with care and effective treatment. That will maintain our patient’s comfort and safety. Our patients’ bed in Pakistan have adjustable designs with an emphasis on maximum user comfort and support for reading, eating, sleeping, watching tv, or relaxing in bed. We manufacture medical bed to keep many patients secure in ill situations. 

One benefit of our patient bed is that patients can easily adjust their height, head, and feet. We offer different models with different sitting postures where every size patient can easily adjust himself. Because for therapeutic reasons and comfort many patients have a habit of waking at night. They need a flat level surface for getting rest. They can adjust their sitting posture when watching TV or reading the newspaper while awake. 

We offer a wide range of Medical bed ,wheelchairs with paramount bed price in Pakistan all with multiple designs, styles, and features to fit a wide array of budgets of all customers. Whereas all our electric bed give some comfort and relief, more cost-effective beds can usually forgo a number of the safety, style, and advanced positioning features. If our customers want to order hospital bed in Pakistan then we get details and manufacture all beds according to their requirements. We are available 24 hours a week for the accommodation of our customers.  

What is the Cost of a Hospital Bed in Pakistan?

The cost of a hospital bed in Pakistan can vary depending on the type of bed and the manufacturer. Manual beds can cost around PKR 15,000-25,000, while semi-electric and fully electric beds can range from PKR 30,000-100,000 or more.

Is Insurance Available for Hospital Bed in Pakistan?

Some insurance providers in Pakistan may cover the cost of a hospital bed, depending on the policy and the reason for needing the bed. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to determine if you are eligible for coverage.

How do I Adjust a Hospital Bed in Pakistan?

The method of adjusting a hospital bed in Pakistan will depend on the type of bed. Manual beds require hand-cranking to adjust the height and positioning, while semi-electric beds allow for electronic adjustment of the head and foot sections. Fully electric beds offer complete electronic adjustment of all sections.

What Safety Features do Hospital Beds in Pakistan have?

Hospital beds in Pakistan are equipped with safety features such as side rails, which help prevent falls. Some models also have alarms that sound when the side rails are lowered, as well as brake systems to prevent the bed from moving.

What Type of Bed is Best for Patients?

The best type of bed for patients depends on their individual needs and medical conditions. In Pakistan, commonly used types of beds in healthcare settings include hospital beds, low beds, air-fluidized beds, and bariatric beds. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine which type of bed is most appropriate for a patient’s individual needs.