What You Need to Know?

Good sleep is needed for a patient for quick recovery. That does not matter what condition a patient has presently but a hospital bed should comfortable. Good quality hospital bed provides musculoskeletal support and comfort to the patient hinders quality rest and a fast recovery.

However, we offer an electric hospital bed that features multiple hinges. Our customers can recline it at various angles as they require. Mostly, we design it for hospitals but sometimes you can also see it in some homes for those patients who are not allowed to admit to the hospitals. 

If you are going to buy an electric bed, you should know what types of frames are available in the market. For hospital beds, we offer three types of frames such as;

  1. Manual (This bed frame is adjustable by a hand crank. All features of this bed are done by hand such as; upper, lower, and overall height of the patient bed. This is the least expensive type of our adjustable bed frame).
  2. Semi Electric (This bed is electrically controlled for raising and lowering the upper and lower body. But the height of this bed is also managed by a hand crank).
  3. Full Electric (In fully electric hospital bed in Pakisatn, our all beds are automated and perform functions with the touch of a button. If our customers worry about power failure then remember semi-electric and fully electric beds are adjustable by hand). 

What Types of Electric Hospital Bed do we Offer to our Customers?

We offer two types of the electric hospital bed to our customers;

  1. Adjustable Electric Bed
  2. Hi-low Electric Bed

In our adjustable medical bed, we have a special mattress and a frame fitted with an electric motor. But these are an ideal choice for those people who are suffering from shoulder problems, cramps, or arthritis pain. For getting the most comfortable position, this bed will facilitate changing the angle of the bed (lower, upper, and middle section).

Our hi-low beds are adjustable on which you can change height easily. And if you have this bed in your hospital, you can easily transfer your patients in and out of the bed through the lift. We offer innerspring and foam mattresses for both types of beds. For foam mattresses, we offer our customers visco- elastic and latex types.

What Accessories do We Offer in Our Electrically Hospital Beds? 

The mandatory accessory which is required for hospital bed is over the bed table. So we design these on frames that allow the table part to slide over the mattress and the lower part of the frame to slide under the bed so that the bed’s occupant can sit up easily and eat or read.

Also we offer several types of over-bed tables consisting of one with an in-built easel that accommodates a magazine or book reader at a comfortable angle for easy reading.  And we also offer in-built massage and latex foam pillows or memory foam. Our Cervical pillows give optimal support for the neck and head.