Getting in and out of the bed doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the TOP MEDICS bed and its safe turning system, it’s easy to reposition, stand up, and get out. Let’s recognize the safety you need and the comfort you demand! Top medics have been esteemed for the eminence of the design of its products as well as for the competent facility of delivering hospital beds in Pakistan.

Our team

Let’s Discover a more awake version of yourself – for generations, we have been refining our work to help provide the most restful sleep. Our well-trained staff is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of operation theatre equipment & hospital beds in Pakistan which can meet all the needs and complications that appear in the medical-hospital ambit. At TOP MEDICS, we strive to deliver the finest hospital beds in Pakistan and top customer service. This can only be done with the help of an experienced, robust, receptive, knowledgeable and ‘go the extra mile’ team. We realize that these attributes can only be achieved with practice, perseverance, resilience and above all a receptive, and open mind. A mindset that never stops discovering and is always ready to improve with feedback from our valued customers.

Quality standard

From the beginning, we top medics, strictly follow quality testing, and manage all day-to-day challenges improving customer demands with our tremendously skilled and dedicated staff. We apply and follow the norms of International Quality Standards to produce the best hospital beds in Pakistan and we strive to maintain our quality as per the standards of European Countries.

Customer satisfaction

We believe, our customers not just need a good quality product, but also appreciate good customer services therefore, we always focus on developing long-term business relations with our valued customers. We are committed to providing trusted quality products with swift and remarkable after-sales services.

TOP MEDICS has been delivering top-notch medical solutions for hospital beds in Pakistan that:

  • Fast track rehabilitation
  • Prevent falls
  • Increase safety for patients and caregivers
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Improve mobility and independence levels for patients

What we do

Engage with a company that understands your needs! We have a vast variety of excellent quality hospital beds in Pakistan. Our nationwide fast delivery with an affordable price makes us stand out.  From the single doctor clinic to the massive metropolitan hospitals, we are easily accessible satisfying all your needs. Discuss with us and we are here for your help! We are proud of our engineers who are specifically trained in testing the medical appliances & furniture while maintaining the latest legislations of quality standards. The finest materials and most advanced technologies are used to manufacture our high-quality products.

hospital bed in Pakistan
hospital bed in Pakistan

TOP MEDICS is a young and dynamic organization, our association has been going from strength to strength with the faith invested in us by our esteem customers, it’s an organization which is available to advancements and changes with regards to creating arrangements that can work on either the degree of rationality, solace, design or the safeness of the staff and the patients in clinical ambit. Our ability and our generosity are at your full disposal.

Experience the difference! Your sleeping habits are unique. So are our beds! Every TOP MEDIC’s bed is tailored to the individual preferences of its owner. We have been striving to enhance the lives of our clients across Pakistan as well as in other countries.  We offer many significant benefits that reduce long-term care and medical costs. We are here for you when you are searching for the best hospital beds in Pakistan.

Here are some features that make us unique.

Easy to use: The programmable feature of bed rotation is available for more frequent reliable, effortless, quiet, and precise rotation while the client sleeps.

Effortless repositioning: Increased repositioning significantly reduces the risk of developing pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) and other painful pulmonary disorders that are life-threatening and require extra care. 

Safe: We ensure to provide the best standard Hospital beds in Pakistan that are designed with the security of our valued customers.  On-board sensors monitor each command to the bed always ensuring safe operation.  Dynamic side-rails provide an additional level of confidence to bed users.

Smooth:  The TOP MEDICS applies a mechanical turning system that smoothly repositions the operator on command (manually) or automatically on a program designed to meet the specific needs of the user.

Quiet:  TOP MEDICS strives its best to provide a calm environment to the user. We apply the “whisper quiet” technology which works swiftly without the annoying noise associated with air mattress systems.

Accurate: Mechanical turning system ensures the integrity of the selected programmed positions i.e., no torsional discomfort due to airflow displacement.

Our clients sleep through the night, as do their family members, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep with the resultant health benefits. Top Medics is committed to addressing the needs andenhancing the lives of immobilized people. Reaching us is simple: we will assist you with tackling your concerns and we will likewise be available to your remarks and your requirements.